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Connecting rods Giannini



10' wheels pivots


Beyond the cars produced in her factory, GIANNINI proposed the same accessories to the public who wanted to tune his original Fiat 500.

Everyone could give his car the configuration he wanted. Then, Giannini followed Abarth in the commercialisation of accessories'kits. First and sold in a wood box, a kit was proposed. It was composed of the whole set of initials with the famous calander in aluminium, a special silencer, an aluminium oil case and the whole cylinders-pistons and camshaft.

With this box, the original Fiat 500 won already a little speed and power. Then, we could add the aluminium wheels, conic couples, special counters and sport sits. In fact, these articles were too big to be contained in the box and were added after.

GIANNINI had also a place where it sold all the replacement parts to the public. That allowed the clients to come and buy all the Giannini parts for an eventual season in italian Gruppo 2 or, also, to continue the transformation of their original Fiat 500. We can find that sort of parts : front disc brakes, three-legged cover, rigid roofs, suspension kits.

Then, it's again possible to find now original Fiat 500 in Italy who have riceived Giannini parts in the past : wheels, initials or also silencers. These parts are now very sought after.


Giannini kit.

Cylinder head 500 TV.


The 590 GT transformation kit.

The 500 TV Montecarlo kit.