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In July 1957, the little Fiat 500 was born. It's a minimalist car whose aim was to motorize the whole Italy. From the beginning, she was very appreciated by all the italians preparers who found in her shape a wonderful base. They made all to give her a sportive vocation, they change the motor, they made her more "bourgeois".

The most famous of them was Carlo ABARTH who prepared all the Fiat since the fifties. His work made his reputation in the whole Europe. From 1957, he prepared little 500 in real little race car who have been seen in all the italians circuits as real little bombs. His cars became a very good pilotage school for all the italian youngness. The most famous production on Fiat 500 were the 595, 695, 695 SS Assetto Corsa and Radiale.

However, in 1963, ABARTH had to compose with a new serious opponent : GIANNINI.

Created in the thirties by Attilio and Domenico GIANNINI, the firm prepared racecars with Fiat Topolino. In the fifties, GIANNINI transformed Fiat 600 in a esthetical point of view. In 1963, the first Fiat 500 GIANNINI was born : The 500 TV. In 1967, a new boss, Volfango Polverelli, gave the firm a new reputation more sporting.

Today, GIANNINI work on all the Fiat in an esthetical point of view. Since 1975, GIANNINI sites in Via Idrovore della Magliana in Rome.

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